Shared parenting arrangements in the snap lockdown

By Hayley Ellison, Consultant

With the implementation of the 5 day snap lockdown in Western Australia, there are many uncertainties surrounding our day to day lives.

In particular, people are understandably uncertain regarding their obligations pursuant to parenting orders and shared care arrangements, so we would like to help clear up any confusion that you may have.

Pursuant to paragraph 8 (c) of the attached “Stay at home and closure (Perth, Peel and the South West Regions) directions the following exemption is applicable:

If a person has more than one home, the person must choose one of these homes as their principal place of residence for the duration of the stay at home period and if the person’s chosen principal place of residence is:

  • within the affected area, they must not leave to go to any other home (regardless of whether it is within or outside the affected area); or
  • outside the affected area, they must not leave to go to any other home within the affected area,


  • for the purposes of shared parenting arrangements, whether the arrangements are under a court order or otherwise; or

The lockdown does not excuse you from complying with parenting orders. Further, we recommend that you ensure you have a copy of your parenting plan or parenting orders with you or readily accessible on your mobile phone at all times whilst travelling for the purposes of shared parenting arrangements during lockdown.

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