Children’s and Parenting Issues

The lawyers at Carr & Co have a wealth of experience in dealing with Children's and parenting issues.

See the articles below which discuss the various Children's and parenting issues that arise in the Family Court.

Myth busters… dispelling the top 10 myths of family law

November 24, 2015
dispelling the top 10 myths of family law

We look at 10 of the most common assumptions made by people in regard to family law proceedings that are incorrect. Take a read of our family law myth busters.

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Parenting / Custody matters – What your Divorce Lawyer will need

November 9, 2015
child related matters

Below is some information and documentation that you may wish to collate in advance of your first appointment with your family lawyer.

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To immunise or not to immunise?

July 21, 2015

That is the question, but what is the answer? Whatever your view on immunising your child is, do you know how the Family Court will rule in the event a dispute arises between you and your former partner? Please note the views contained in this article are not necessarily the views of the author or the firm but based on articles and facts sheets of experts from both fields and recent case law. Each case is unique and you should always obtain professional legal advice which is specific to your

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Should you breastfeed your child after obtaining a tattoo?

June 26, 2015
Family Court of Australia

A Sydney Federal Circuit Court Judge recently restrained a mother from breastfeeding her 11 month old son. The decision was made after a father raised concerns about the mother continuing to breastfeed when she had recently been tattooed. Despite the mother producing medical evidence that confirmed negative results for both Hepatitis and HIV, the order was made. On the same day the mother appealed. The appeal was listed and heard urgently (the following day) by the Full Court who overturned the decision. The mother can continue to breastfed her son

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