Adoption is not only a service that provides a family for a child who is unable to live with their birth parents, it is also an opportunity for couples who can’t have children of their own through natural means. Adoption is a permanent arrangement and needs finalising legally either by an Adoption Order from the Family Court of Western Australia, or an overseas Order recognised by the Family Court which removes a child’s legal ties with their birth family. Once this legal process has been achieved, full parental rights and responsibilities are given to the adoptive family, meaning the birth parents no longer have legal rights over the child. The birth parents cannot claim back the child and the child becomes a full member of the adoptive family. The legal process includes taking of their surname and obtaining the same rights and privileges as if they had the child from birth.

Adoption in Western Australia

Adoption in Western Australia can sometimes be complex area of Family Law. Due to the number of adoption cases in WA being relatively small, the process can often be quite frustrating. Carr and Co assist clients in formalising adoption and have considerable experience and success in this area of law.